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Agricultural development and economic policies

• Art, climate vision and international creation

Biodiversity, Territory, Environment (BIOTERRE) 

Crisis: emergency interventions and development actions  


Developing societies: political recompositions, mobilities and territories

Development Economics

• Development: Heritage, Environment, Society 

Econometrics – Statistics (M2TIDE)

Economics (M2TI-ECO)

Economic Expertise of Devel­opment Policies and Projects

Economics of Local Planning and Development (EADL)

Economics of International Tourist Development

Economics of Sustainable Development

• Energy Law 

• Environmental Archaeology  

Environmental and Risk Dynamics (Dynarisk)

• Environmental and Urban Planning Law  

Global Business Law and Governance

Global Risk and Crisis Management (GGRC)

• Health, Food and Environmental Safety

• Heritage Management


• International Economic Law 

International Strategy and Economic Intelligence (S2IE)

International Transport stream (M2TI) 

Local development: actors, mobilizations and territories

• Management of International Tourism

• Management and Tourist Recovery of Euro-Mediterranean

• Management and Tourist Recovery of Heritage 

Modelling and Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance

Organisation, Strategy and Information Systems Consulting (M2COSI)

• Public Affairs - Collaborative Engineering

Quantitative Economic Methods

Social development: labor, education, health

Spatial Tourist Development and Planning

Sustainable Territorial Development (STeDe)

• Sustainable Tourism

• Sustainable Tourism Management

Technological Innovation and Management

• Tourism and Hotel Activities Management

• Tourism Law

• Urban Planning and Development (M2UA)

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